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There's more than one of them?

Trkasu’s Story According to Ellie

There was this poor little boy that nobody loved and everybody hated him! He had this poor little crippled leg and he was really tiny. People felt sorry for him. And no one cared. He couldn’t even go outside and let people feel sorry for him. And no one ever patted him on the head. His daddy wouldn’t even let him cry! And then they would beat him until he screamed but he never let them see him cry. Sometimes they raped him. But he never cried.

And then his mean brothers got even meaner. They started to hit him and smack him and yell at him for killing their mother. Sometimes they dressed him up as a girl. And then he would cry. His dad hit him for crying! Then his daddy taught him that emotions were bad and he should never look at people because he’s not worth it. Then they hit him more. And his dad died, which was really sad. But he never cried because he wasn’t supposed to cry. And his brother threw him out a window to get rid of him. He was really young.

And everyone felt sorry for him everywhere he went. He had a cane and a brace and walked with a horrible limp and people would pat him on the head. If he’d cried, they would have given him so much attention! But he tried to be normal, which was stupid. And he got a job for some important guy that totally felt sorry for him and let him work with scary poisonous creatures.

Then that guy had a brother who claimed he didn’t feel sorry for him but did and tried to get him to open up. But Trkasu didn’t want to because he’s no good at controlling his emotions. Which is a good thing! People feel sorry for people that freak out easily. And he does! Lots of things make him freak out. But he won’t let people feel sorry for him, it’s so dumb. He has a lot to learn about being happy and liked and stuff.

Trkasu’s Story According to Michael

Well, there was lots of bad stuff. Lots and lots and lots of bad stuff, so we won’t talk about that! Or that. Or… that! Well, his mean dad died and his brothers set him free and he got a job and now people care about him. And he’ll figure that out once he starts liking his emotions again.

Trkasu’s Story According to Trkasu

There is nothing phenomenal here. I was raised by my brothers and my fathers as a third son, unwanted and unneeded. They were not overly kind and neither did they abuse me. I was just a useless child that was treated as such until my father’s death. Then I was disowned and am now in the employment of Lord Roderick as a scorpion keeper.

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